Best Cartridge for SME309 arm

I need some advice - I am in the middle of upgrading my analog front and will shortly be using SME12 with 309 arm wired with crystal cable.

I have a short list of cartridges I am considering:

1. Hana Umami Red
2. Dynavector Te Kaitora Rue
3. Soundsmith Paua 2 SE
4. Benz Micro Ruby Z (L or H)

Does anybody have any experience with any of those carts with SME arms? I believe all on this list are compliant with 10g SME arm. I want to make sure the resonance stay way below audible frequencies. 

Thank you for all recommendations. Merry Christmas! 
Find out the compliance of those cartridges and put the information in this calculator. Between 8hz and 14hz should be fine. BTW, I have that arm and I use Grado cartridges!
I have experiences of using the Ruby Z and SS Sussaro MKII on an SME V arm with excellent results. Although not a 309, I think the general nature of sound traits exhibited by the SME 3 and V series are similar. 
@audioquest4life is it true that Benz has a warm and rich sound signature? What is your overall impression of that Ruby Z?
@ arturgorniak
The Sonata and a vintage TLZ . BTW, make sure that the cartridge you choose weighs 6 grams or more. If it is lighter than 6 grams you will need a headshell weight!
Also possibly considering Kiseki Purple Heart short body. I am quite interested in that Hana but there is really not that much info on its sound signature....
I’ve tried a number of cartridges on my 12A and ending up settling on a Grado Statement3. I think most MC cartridges are overrated. BTW, Grado holds the patent on the MC cartridge but has always made MM.
I have the Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star on my SME309. It is the best tracking cartridge that I have ever had. It sounds great. I have a couple of records going back to the 70s that I thought had bad grooves. The Zephyr tracks them perfectly. I have used Benz and Koetsu cartridges and enjoyed them very much. In the 90s I had a Blue Point Special which was my first cartridge with my SME309 Arm.
The compliance and mass of the Zephyr is nominal for the SME Arm. The Benz cartridges are as well. The Benz and SME are like cream and honey together. But the Soundsmith is my new favorite.
I am using Benz Gullwing SLR on SME 309 with nearly the same specs as the Ruby. Very good match indeed. You can’t go wrong. It replaced a Lyra Kleos which is a good Cartridge but with less body and drive, more analytical. 
Would be interested how the Dynavector sound on a SME 309 even though feom the specs alone the Benz is a better match.