With Naim amp - Naim or Teddy Pardo PSU ?


I'm looking for updgrading my Naim with additionnal PSU.
I have seen Naim Hicap 2 - Supercap is too expensive for me.

Then I've seen Teddy Pardo PSU's that are cheaper than Naim.
Q : Do they offer similar quality and performance than the Naim ?
Q : I have seen DualTeddyCap or even TeddySuperCap, are they better than the Hicap 2 - or even the Naim Supercap ?

Thank you for your answers !

Teddy Pardo website :
I was looking at this myself when I had a bid in on a Superline. The British websites have a lot on this; probably much more than you will find over here.
Yes, have a look at the Pinkfish forum. Plenty of info there. Thanks!
I bought one and was very happy with it. In a weak moment I sold them and now have another Superline. I got in contact with TP some time ago but when I use the site given it tells me that it a dangerous site and to leave it. ??

... but when I use the site given it tells me that it a dangerous site and to leave it. ??

TP is based in Israel, where commerce-based sites are frequently targeted for hacking. This is one of the reasons why TP maintains an Ebay store.
I have a Naim PSU for my CDX2 CDP and a friend of mine has a HiCap DR for his Supernait 2. I can tell both really make a difference.
Don't know about Pardo, but a quite common opinion is: they are different objects, with a different "philisophy". Not better nor worse, just different.
They say Naim PSU will give you more dynamics, control, focus (and that's all true, I can say), while Pardo PSU will give more subtlety and refinement (could not "test" about that).

I guess you won't go wrong with either.

One good thing with Pardo is that his PSU's are so hard to find in the used market (here in Italy, at least) that if you buy one and don't like it, it's usually easy to resell, and fast.