Wish List DVD-A - SACD combo player

I am not looking for a ultimate state of the art - build quality rivaling a Leica M-3 . I am looking for a machine that will play redbook CD ,DVD-A and SACD discs.Relativly inexpensive would be a important charitaristic (spll?). I understand that SACD players will not output a digital signal via co-axial digital or toslink. This apparently is a effort to cut down on bootlegging copies? Do any exist that will output the redbook CD signal via co-axial or toslink?
My strategy is to approach the transition to most probably SACD the way I dealt the transition from LP to CD. Acquire a relativly inexpensive player and once I have built up a library of several hundrerd titles - get a lot more interested in a better quality SACD player. The ability to output a redbook CD digitaly would allow me to feed this into my EAD DSP-9000/3 - a unit that I find more than satisfactory in terms of CD/HDCD decoding.
Almost all such players (except for the Philips SACD1000) will output a digital signal from RBCD.