Wireworld Gold Eclipse 6

Anyone? Opinions?
I can tell you that I sampled about 10 different high end cables and I ended up with Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6.
I tried at least five or six different digital cables and the wireworld gold aes ebu was the winner for me, this was digital cables however, good luck , chris
I bought the WW Gold Eclipse 6.
My own conclusion is that this cable helps me greatly.

I was previously looking to tweak balance of level, finding a sonic that fit me. This with IC, PC, Speakercable and speaker setup.
When i ran the Gold Eclipse i found it has becomn a pathway, kind of a door opener in my system.

It is crystal clear and open, opens depth, very silent, seems to lack all sense of distorsion, smear and colouration. It shows instantly, the change of PC's, how different kinds of decoupling (isolation, damping and draining devices) come on.

For instance i use and have used draining devices at my speakers and also feets for them. The Gold Eclipse proved to me, my choice of drain device was too large. They drained, but to a degree they changed too much the balance of the speakers. I tried a new, lighter in weight setup, and this were better for me.
I can with slight changes, have a very deep, dense and weighty bass with smooth top and richer mid-body. Or have a bass that is tighter, and a more top focused sound.
Or simply, as i do now, work at the best mixture of both worlds.

As is, the cables in conjunction, have lead me to buy some new devices. Just out of curiousity.

The Gold Eclipse is not, IMO, implementing a sonic signature on it's own. It simply reacts to what you have in the chain and very very much - set your cd, amp and speakers at.
I use Harmonic tech Magic Reference Biwire speaker cable.

It is a great IC, i consider it a great choice for those willing to understand and cope with the facts, we can not just buy devices (apparatus and decoupling) and fall in the arms of belief, that this is it.
When it comes down to apparatus decoupling and also speakers, it has to be tested. One change in the chain, may alter the system so drastical. Both for better and worse.
Many audiophiles likely change units or speakers instead of looking deeper into decoupling, placement and acoustics.

No euphonic cables for me. A superby resolving cable setup is a great platform and the final tweaks will be more magnified and proved a good or not so good choice.
Especially PC's and decoupling in conjunction.
very time consuming, but drastical changes and benefits are a facts.

Well worth considering;)