Wire Pink Flag 180 Gram

Does anybody know how this reissue stacks up to the original recording? Is the 25.00 to 30.00 price tag worth it?--Cheers
Yep it's worth it.
I second Clio's response. The sound is HUGE, and hugely dynamic. Quiet vinyl, too. Man, 'mannequin' never sounded better.

"You're an energy void
A black hole to avoid
No style, no heart
You don't even start

To interest me
Not even curiosity
It's not animosity
It's just you don't interest me"
completey agree
Sherbd, are those the lyrics from a song of theirs? Pretty lame...sounds like some schlock from an "arena rock band" of the mid to late 1970's era...can anyone say "Jefferson Starship"?
And classics all. Wire and Pere Ubu are among my favorites ("outdoor Miner")

Wire: Pink Flag
Side 1 -
1. Reuters
2. Field Day For The Sundays
3. Three Girl Rhumba
4. Ex Lion Tamer
5. Lowdown
6. Start To Move
7. Brazil
8. It's So Obvious
9. Surgeon's Girl
10. Pink Flag

Side 2 -
1. The Commercial
2. Straight Line
3. 106 Beats That
4. Mr Suit
5. Strange
6. Fragile
7. Mannequin
8. Different To Me
9. Champs
10. Feeling Called Love
11. 12XU
The Wire reissues on 180g are mastered from digital sources produced from the analog master tapes. I spoke with the mastering engineer in the UK ( a very famous veteran whose "BILBO" signature can be found on original UK Track pressings of "Who's Next" and many other classic rock albums from the 60's and 70's). The sound is good but not nearly as good as original UK Harvest LPs, which are quite expensive now. Please read the review on www.musicangle.com, my website (search Wire). As for Fatparrot's comments about Wire's lyrics, can anyone say "foolish?" Please fatparrot get some background on Wire, one of the most brilliant and innovative bands of that era before writing silly stuff! Lyrics without music frequently sound empty. Listen to Wire's music before commenting.