Wilson Watt Puppy 7 and Watch Surrounds?

I am trying to set up a home theater. I have a BAT VK 6200 and a BAT VK 51 SE, as well as a Sony g90, Faroudja DVP 5000 and Stewart Studiotek 130 screen. I need a good/great processor and speakers.

I have had theater installers recommend Lexicon mc12b and Genelec powered speakers. This room will be almost exclusively theater.

I believe that Wilson Watt/Puppy 7's and Watch surrounds as well as good subs is the way to go.

What are opinions?

Cougmeister, you definately have a reference video section. A Wilson speaker system would highly compliment what you already have. If you are going to use the BAT gear for 2 channel, I would suggest you take a look at the Krell Showcase processor for HT playback. If you are going to use the processor for 2 channel playback, take a look at the Krell HTS 7.1. I have WP 7's and a G90 in my system. The 7's are spectacular for music and HT. I will be adding the DVP 5000, Wilson Watch surrounds, and Krell Showcase processor soon.
Wpuppy, I was considering the Krell HTS 7.1, Theta Casablanca II, or the Lexicon MC12B. There are so many different opinions, it is difficult to decide which one is best.

My thought is to use the BAT VK 51SE to power the WP7's, and the VK 6200 to power the Watch surrounds. I read somewhere that Lamm monoblocks for the WP7's would also be good...instead of the VK 51SE. I don't know, since I will still use the VK 6200 for surrounds. I presently have an SVS sub that is outstanding...and I don't know if I will change it. I will probably want to add several smaller subs around the room for complete surround sound. The AV controller will be to process the information...but I don't know which to choose.

Once these decisions are made, I need help with interconnects and with speaker cables. Do you have recommendations?

If you are using the g90 and Wilson WP7's, you have a good start on the best.

I have a second g90 with a DVP 5000 in my bedroom. I am using an Arcam AV8 controller and B&W Nautilus 800's with 805 surrounds. The vivid colors of the g90 along with the smooth DVP 5000 processing is excellent. The B&W's are very good in this setting...very clean...I am using BAT preamp/amp here too. "Monster's Inc." is incredible 3D sound and vivid almost 3D video.

Thanks for the help.
ok, I have wp 6's with BAT/vk50se and vk75se. Personally, I'd max out the 2 channel first. Maybe add Wilson's watchdog sub and upgrade the vk6200 to vk150se's. Then add the watch surrounds. Maybe keep the 6200 to power them down the road. I'd keep the 51se for 2 channel and run it in pass thru mode with a surround processor of your choice.

just my opinion...
How would putting Lamm monoblocks on the front...WP7's. Then and use the VK6200 for the Watch surrounds?

Thanks for the advise.
Cougmeister, I would suggest going with a quality 2 channal pre amp for music and then use a Krell Showcase for HT. You will have the best of both worlds for about the same cost as one of the more expensive processors. As good as some of the new processors are, they are still not on par with the best 2 channel pre amps. The Krell Showcase is IMO as good as any processor for HT. I currently have an all SS system but I have listened to the WP 7's in an ARC tube system and they sounded amazing. It sounded so good that I plan to add a tube pre amp to my system, however I will keep the Krell amps. As far as cables go, I am currently using Cardas Golden Ref speaker and Cast interconnects. I am happy with them but at some point hope to add Transparent speaker cables.
Wpuppy, What two channel preamp would you recommend? Other than Krell Showcase, what HT processor would you recommend? Cast interconnects must be excellent. Why change to Transparent? Cardas Gold are supposed to be excellent as well.
Try to find (for 2 ch) an ARC LS-5MK III used, then retube with some nice NOS tubes.

Using Transparent Refs on my 7s. Sound good!