Surrounds, and center that match the GMA Europa?

My conundrum is this. I have a HUGE room something around 24x35 and I need to build a system in this room. What I want is a music system with HT ability. I have heard nothing but praise for the Europa’s, so I was thinking that those would be ok as mains. Are there any surrounds ($400) and a center channel ($350) that will do well with the Europa’s. I am not sure what receiver ($400) to get at this point either so I am open to suggestion. If anyone can solve the puzzle of small budget big room I would be greatly appreciative.
If you can shell it out, i would go with an additional Eurpoa for the center and 2 more for surrounds.

That would probably sound absolutly fantastic.
Vandersteen makes a great, phasecorrect center channel...and maybe some Vandy 1cs as caution..the Europas are harder to drive than the Vandies...i dont know how much this will Roy at GMA for details..good lck
I also agree with Slappy. I'd also throw in Roy's new sub woofer to the mix for an all GMA HT. IMO it would be the bomb!