Wilson W/P 6 with Krell 350 MCX ?

I am a little gun shy about pulling the trigger on a pair of Wilson audio W/P 6 ($10,000) to go with my Krell 350mcx and krell KTC preamp. The Wilsons sound great in the store but it is a lot on Money! Tell me I am making the right move!

I've found Krell and Wilson to be a harsh sounding comob(with great dynamic bass). Some people like that combo, but it has never floated my boat. You need a warmer speaker with Krell.

I own WP7's. Not looking for a flame war, just my personal preference.
i tried a highly modified parasound 2200 mk2 (close sonically to the JC1) and i found it a bit too hi-fi, not musical enough.

switching to a SET amp reversed that relationship; not very hi-fi, but very musical...

i'd lose the krell but keep the WP6s. they're great speakers...
I respectfully disagree with cytocycle, who I know and have purchased equipment from. I have owned the 5.1's with my Krell 600C and 650MC mono's driven by the KPS-25SC. Krell is ruthlessly honest and if you have a weak link, you're going to hear it. If your front end CDP, turntable/Cartridge and cabling are up to snuff, it won't be bright. What sounds bright on a Krell/Wilson system is lousy recordings...and unfortunately there a lot's of those around. Good recordings sound incredible, bad one's sound worse. Try to demo them to be certain.
Rhyno: "lose the Krell but keep the WP6s"...they're great speakers but the Krells are...what exactly? Those amps, and that preamp, are among the very finest ever manufactured.

Duane: you'll do just fine with that combo! Don't worry one single bit.
depends what you like. if you like hi-fi, krell & WP6s are fine.

i like music. thus the rec.

(yes, i've heard the krell monsters, thus the rec).

The new CX series is much different than prior FPBs. The highs are much, much smoother--if anything, could be rolled off a hint.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the combo--though I prefer BAT tubes on the Wilsons.
Rhyno, exactly what is "hi-fi?"

I thought that was reserved for the SET crowd. But I may be wrong. Oh I see, sharply rolled off highs and low power without linearity, extension or ability to provide current into demanding loads, that's anti-hi-fi. Yeah, now I get it. LOL!
my SET puts out 55wpc into a 4r load, thank you. i've numerous acquaintances who've said they've never heard WPs sound as good as at my place...the amp is why. i've no idea how flat the response curve is; i don't care. it sounds good. (fwiw, rolling the highs w/ WPs is a good thing; the tweeter is too hot).

the WP6s are amusical. so is krell (at least older models). partnering the two together is a great way to impress people w/ a system you won't listen to when they're gone.

only a rare SS amp can make the WPs sing; older krell isn't it.
Rhyno- how far do you sit from yours?

Just curious as the picture makes it appear you have a very small room, and hence why 55 may work well.
maybe 9' from front baffle. so yes, room size may very well impact amplifier compatibility.