Wilson Benesch Arc

Just picked up my new Wilson Benesch Arc loudspeakers in black carbon fibre today. They are currently connected to Balanced Audio Technology VK 300x-se and a Cary 306-200 cd player with the speakers supplemented by a REL Storm III. I'll be running them in this weekend and could use some cable suggestions. I'll be playing around with various cables...copper or silver? Out of the box they sound very smmoth and crisp....alot of pop. They sound MUCH bigger than they have a right to, I'll post follow up once they break in sufficiently.
Congratulations! W-B speakers really seem to fly a bit under the radar here. I think they look great and they always get good reviews. Keep us posted on your thoughts, I have a feeling you'll like the speakers more with each passing day.
I have WB ARCs withb BAT vk-p5, 31-se, vk-250. I also use Audiquest cables, Cheetah and Volcano both with DBS, all Shunyata power cords and Hydra-8. This system is the most coherent I have listened to. Very natural even tonal balance, detailed, smooth, dynamic, and transparent. These are attributes that are sometimes mutually exclusive. The ARCs are the least boxy dynamic speaker I have listened to. WB are expensive but once you listen to them you do not want to listen to anything else.
This is a tad removed from your system, but perhaps it will be helpful:

I run WB ACT-1s with a Rowland Concentra; Meridian 588 front end; assorted cords, conditioners, room treatments, etc.

In playing with speaker cables, I tried a half dozen different products-

LAT SS-1000D
Audience AU-24
Straightwire Virtuoso
Wireworld Polaris 5
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8
Alpha-Core AG-2 Veracity
Monster Cable stuff, just to be sure...

First off, I've never had equipment as sensitive to cabling as this set-up. The differences between cables were rarely subtle- differences in tonal balance could be easily picked up by people in the next room, and differences in imaging, perspective, etc. didn't require being in, or even near, the sweet spot to notice them.

All that being said, for this particular setup, the Alpha-Core AG-2 veracity cables were in a different league from everything else- ease, liquidity, top-end extension, natural tonal presentation, and a unified, holographic soundstage illusion.

Of course, they were also significantly more expensive than everything else. Regardless, the difference in performance is, at least to me, worth it- I'm very happily done searching for speaker cables for the forseeable future.

A crude ranking of the other cables (I emphasize, this is to my taste in this particular system... others' mileage will vary):

Analysis Plus SCO-8 > Straightwire Virtuoso > LAT SS-1000D > Audience AU-24 = Wireworld Polaris 5 > Monster Cable stuff.

As far as I can tell, there are no easily defined trends in composition, design, reputation, or anything else that can account for the differences. (Well, OK; all of these explain the Monster Cable...). Like pretty much everyone else here, I seem to dabble in an annoyingly expensive black art.

Regardless, I'd recommend trying something like the AG-2 Veracity in your evaluations on the off chance that there is a general WB-Alpha-Core synergy- if the price is too much, there are some pretty actively discussed DIY knockoffs on Audio Asylum. If the price is too little, there is always Silversmith, which has a similar ribbon design with more complex metallurgy for much more money. ;-)

Annoying disclaimer: I have no relationships of any sort with any of the companies mentioned above.

Hope this is useful.