Wilson Audio Sophia spike options

I am looking for comments and / or recommendations regarding options to using the spikes supplied by Wilson Audio for use on my Sophias. There are many options out there such as Big Fat Dots, Stillpoint Ultras and Roller Block Jr HDSE, to mention just a few. The Ultra's and Jr HDSE are expensive options, which isn't an obstical that can't be overcome. There aren't any dealers in the greater Charlotte, NC area that carry these for demo. Is there anyone out there that have used any or all of these devices? Or other devices? I am using the Sophia's with my BAT mono blocks, preamp, and cd player and they soound really good. I also use an EAR 88pb with my tt's. Thank you for your time.
Well first off, you have a very nice system, BAT amps, EAR phono on your table...I am sure it sounds fantastic !

A few have experimented here with Wilson's. I am sure you can get differnent results maybe even better results...but you can also get better from better room treatments, cables everything else...

About all you can do is try the Stillpoints or Rollerblocks...in your system...and let us know what you find out !
Agree with JFrech...nice system! Congrats and enjoy!

FWIW, I have considered a similar change-up on my Wilsons...the footers i have considered are: Wave Kinetics N2S, Harmonix 999...i was told 999 definitely has a sound...smooth, warm. Wave Kinetics natural/neutral...an improvement on clarity in the upper bass and lower mids.

I have not done it yet and may not. Neither is an inexpensive option and am very happy to save the money. I note that going all the way back 10 years...it does not look like Wilson has changed the spikes much if at all across many of their speakers. Either they have not bothered...or given that Wilson is constantly pushing...they may just find they work well.

Look forward to any feedback if you try! Good luck.
Any update Bgmyers? Just curious as i am now considering Stillpoints Ultra 5s under my Wilsons.

I am using Herbie's Audiolab titanium decoupling gliders at $25.00 a pop and have no complaints . the big advantage of these , at least on smooth floors like polished timber , is that they allow one person to easily make adjustments to the speaker placement , and I think they look cool ....
I don't f'ing believe it, just don't/can't.

@Rpeluso , I take it that's a thumbs down on the Herbie's ???

@Rpeluso , I gather that's a thumbs down on my choice ?
No offense meant to anyone, but my reaction was to the (in my view) obsessive compulsive nature of the question-spike options. I apologize in advance. But still.

Oh , ok , I went and removed my Herbie's gliders and replaced them with the stock ones but my wife like the look of the Herbies , happy wife , happy life .... Cheers .
any change in sonics due to the stock gliders vs the Herbies?

@Rhyno , haven't had a chance to sit down and have a proper listen but will advise when i do ...

The Herbie's are back in place , I can hear some slight differences but to be honest , I can't pinpoint what they are , but my wife thinks the Herbie's look more cosmo than the stock items , so that's final .