Willow wept ON ME

Willow Wept ON ME!

I rarely post, but has anyone listened to the Acoustic Sounds Red Garland Trio-Groovy reissue on 45 rpm? Specifically side “C” Willow Weep For Me (how ironic…as I’m the one weeping), it’s totally unplayable…3 minutes of some type of scary horrible noise, the likes of which I have never heard before!

Does anyone at Acoustic Sounds listen to these things before releasing them for $50.00 a pop someone should!


Same problem here for $95.00…I would think so!

I'm sure they don't listen to every single record. You have a defective pressing. Return it.
Chris, you wussy! Isn't is that scratch and surface noise that makes vinyl sexy? Gee you malcontent, there obviously is no pleasin you! Make ya a deal, just gimme yer SME 30 and yer crappy LPs and I'll suffer for ya. Then you can go download some nice quiet MP3s.
It was a flaw with the wall current power during the mastering. Today I received my replacement copy of sides C & D. everyone should have gotten one who was subscribed and/or requested one. It happens. Acoustic Sounds will make good on it for those who have a bad copy. I don’t see it as a big deal in that out of a hundred titles (200 records) one slipped by them. Bring on the Blue Notes!

Happy Listening!
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