Willie Dixon - I Am the Blues.

I picked up a cheap copy of this and I'm really impressed. This is a really really well recorded blues date. Sounds like Columbia too all of its jazz recording skills and applied them to a blues album. Does anyone know if Columbia recorded any other blues like this?
muddy waters-i'm ready
Well recorded yes. Sounds nice.

However IMO it is a gross caricature of his greatest work from the Chess period. In the end, I think it is a redundant cash-in for ole' Mr. Dixon. He stopped growing as an artist with the rest of his generation in the mid 60's when the blues died in the comfort of the mainstream. Being worshiped by all those white boys killed the creative spirit in that generation.

R.I.P. the blues. 1924-1965
Well, at least he's the real fellow and not a third-generation pretender coming out of a music conservatory or something.

Chas - you are ornery today!
geez chas, mr. dixon probably made a more than deserved payday on the columbia album, as opposed to the chess stuff. i saw willie with the 'big three trio' once and he was great...chas and grimice...nice systems!!!
Yeah Grimace, I have an ornery-ness problem! Sorry. I do that...

Jaybo I agree completely. Willie Dixon is a bona-fide blues genius. For the post-war period his lyrics, basslines, and melodies are the pinnacle of the idiom. If anyone deserves a payday guys like him (and Wolf, Muddy, Little Walter, etc) certainly have earned whatever they got. In my opinion they should have gotten much much more. In fact I think Willie Dixion should have gotten the recognition of a Gershwin or Bernstein.
I agree. Good music and well recorded.
Makes me wish for another SPOONFUL!!!
I agree that it's a wonderful album. I've been trying to sell my second (new) copy for awhile with no takers. Where are the blues vinyl fans hiding? I also agree that Muddy's I'm Ready is great, as are most of Taj Mahal's on Columbia. Start with the self-titled first album featuring Jesse Ed Davis & Ry Cooder.
I got mine on E-bay and there were about twenty to choose from.