Will the Cayin a88t drive the Totem Hawks?

I just can't bear the idea of selling my Cayin a88t and am looking for a small floorstander (2 way) or stand mount speaker under $2000 used that will fill a 20x30 room. I have always appreciated the Hawks in the past but don't know if the amp will run out of steam. Any other suggestions are welcomed. I am looking at keeping the speakers near the back wall so front ported or speakers that can be placed succesfully near a wall is a must. Thanks in advance!
I had an Cayin A88t paired with Totem Forests and thought it ran out of steam in the low end. I ultimately wasn't satisfied with the imaging or the control. I would go with a bigger tube amp or a different speaker. Mo money!
On the other hand there are people on this site that like the above mentioned combo. Hard to tell unless you try it.
What kind of music do you listen to and what are your expectations in regards to bass extension?