Will Japan market gear work on US current?

I have a friend in Tokyo whom has found an incredible deal on a Yamaha NP-S2000 network player and has agreed to bring back for me if it will work with USA current.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
IIRC, Japan uses 100v AC so you will probably need a transformer. But some gear has universal current adaptability.
Japan is 100V AC. Most gear has universal voltage transformers though, which can be rewired for 120V operation. Sometimes there is even a switch to make the task easier.
The S2000's doesn't have universal adaptability (from what i
know) since there's a model for usa/uk and japan.

You need a step down transformer.
Your best alternative to the Step down route, is to purchase a Buck/Boost transformer to 'buck' the 117/120 voltage down to 100 voltage. It has to be matched for wattage and amperage to the Yamaha unit. I use one for my Accuphase units. You could wire it yourself,(or ask an electrician) all come with instructions in the box
and the transformers can be found on Ebay all the time.
Thanks for the replies.

Found a really small step down transformer.

My friend is bringing me a nice used NP-S2000 that he found on the Tokyo equivalent of "craigslist"

This unit is not available in silver in the USA.

I have the A-S2000/CD-S2000 in silver.
I use one for my Accuphase units.

Accuphase is using multivoltage transformers (100/120/230V). No need to use one, as it always hampers the performance.
"No need to use one, as it always hampers the performance."

Everytime I see an ad for Japanese gear for sale in the US, the ad always states something like "Just use a step down transformer. Does not hamper performance and can be found cheap on ebay."

Elberoth, do you have much experience in this? I'm asking as I was looking at some Accuphase & Luxman integrated amps. Many thanks.