WI-FI ROUTERS and Modems. BEST!! brand and why.

With more &more Audio streaming going on. Now with Tidal and MQA and Hi Rez play back

on your Streamer/ Dac's  devices, some going to 25K+ and up.

The question to those who have tried various brands routers that pass the Wi-Fi on or Ethernet connected to your streamer. Anyone found by trail that could suggest ones with the best fidelity.


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I'm a big fan of the Linksys Velop. 

I have the 3 unit setup and have one unit installed on each floor of my home. Each unit has two ethernet ports on them and I'm using one of those to handle the backhaul channel through ethernet.  I can regularly get 600 Mbps+ speed internally between devices throughout the home.  I have a 900 Mbps connection into the home and actual throughput (via Speedtest site/app) to my laptop and iphoneX via the wireless 802.11ac band is around 480Mbps with 32 devices connected.