Why the truth is not in them ??

I wonder how many people have been told something by a buyer, that was no where near the truth....I hate to think how many times I  have been told that I will send a Pay-Pal tomorrow, or I'll send you a check tonight....and never do anything of the kind.....I've been waiting for two weeks for a check from a guy in Michigan  , I have sold a item 13 times on another web-site based on what a person has told me and never received the first penny..........Does anyone tell the truth anymore ??   I have one web-site that I do business on that has a 98% negative truth rate.....Isn't that a poor way to deal with people ??     What are your experience ?? 
« The business of man is trust, anything else is money or thief, which in our times amount to the same»- Groucho Marx
Do to others as you'd have them do to you. The ones that do not follow this simple rule, are the first to complain when they receive the same treatment they put out.
This is only about ,some sellers.Not about world politics. Democratic Socialist  please ,this a a Site about Audiophiles, not Politics  ,let's keep it that way thank you .Not there  political views ,but there views on audio equipment. THE END.
I guess that I’ve been lucky... the majority of my transactions on 3 different sites all went fairly well!
isochronism    Some people sell about three items a year , so they know nothing about this type of business.....How many items did you sell last year......I sold over fifty items and bought over a hundred items......I would have sold a lot more if it hadn't been for people with false visions.....