Why no on-line/journal reviews of Pass .5 series?

I have become very curious regarding why their has been no on-line or high end journal reviews of the Pass Labs .5 series amps in the last year.

The older first generation X series amps had many reviews done on them, the great majority were very postive, and are now great buys for what they cost and the performance they still offer.

I went through an extensive audition process of many highly regarded SS amps, untill I heard the 350.5 in my system and thought it was a beautiful sounding amp and replaced my highly regarded Edge NL-10 with it.

So, my speculations, regarding the lack of any reviews, revolve around the following: 1) That Pass Labs does not actively solicit reviews or plays the games necessary to get their gear reviewed. 2) Yes, they do advertise in the high end journals, but small ads, not next to the front cover that goes on for numerous pages, so could it be that this a possible contributing factor? 3) That Mr. Pass knows that his amp designs, world class sonics, and build quality are already known by people who listen, therefore word of mouth is more important then professional reveiws?

Like to hear what other Gon members thoughts are regarding this topic.
The same situation was with Straightwire Crescendo interconnects and speaker wire.Word of mouth thing.This is how i bought X250 and later upgraded to X250,5.
To be perfectly honest,I believe the product sells itself.It seems to be that good.I recently heard the ASR-Emitter,on the big Nolas.It sounded very good,though too "huge" for my tastes.While trying to identify any amp signature,I kept remembering how similar the Pass .5 series sounded to me.

Just my opiniuon.