Why don't amplifier Companies use high end fuses?

My equipment - Raven Integrated Reflection MK2 tube amp 58wpc. / Lumin A-1 DAC Streamer / Synology NAS / Isotex Aquarius Power Conditioner / Furutech Rhodium Plug / Sonus Faber Amati Homage Tradition speakers.  

I have read thousands of comments on upgraded fuses improving the performance of sound.  I am very open minded but not sold either way.  So, the question I have is....if fuses were so important, than why don't Amplifier companies all install them as OEM equipment?  To me, if they are as good as people say, that would provide companies who use them a competitive advantage?  

Every High End Audio store I go to in Phoenix have told me it does not make a difference and is a waste of money.  For the record, I have fuses purchased at an automotive store for under $10 and I think my sound is awesome.  The Company that built my amp tested the Synergistic Fuses and he emphatically said there was no difference.  

If I were to try a fuse for fun, given my equipment, what would your recommendation be to try?  
You want high end fuses? Try companies like Bussman, Littlefuse, etc. They manufacture fuses to very strict tolerances and industry standards. No way in hell would I put some "magic" fuse in any of my gear! This crap reminds me of the morons that wrap foil around the old screw in fuses or shove a coin in to bridge the circuit.
What ever happened to common sense? Do you trust a marketing dufus to know more than an EE?
Littelfuse (yeah...that's how it's spelled...weirdly) is missing an opportunity here. They should start a "boutique" line of their fuses specifically aimed at audio geeks and claim they've bombarded them (the fuses, not the geeks) with "quantum xrays" or something, paint them with a color resembling  graphite and claim to have deep frozen the things. Nobody would question them as they're already a well respected and established company, their fuses would likely work very well since they already do, and they could give 'em away to manufacturers as a publicity stunt since their wholesale cost is so small.


For the same reason they give you crap power cables; they're cheap.

Mark-ups from manufacturer to Distributor to Dealer to Retail would drive the price up four or five times and make their product non-competitive. 

The manufacturers know that there is whole industry out there making better quality power cables and fuses, etc, and people can make-up their own mind what they want to pay.