Why do people write mean things about musicians

i was just wondering why people write mean things about musicians on these forums. When you goggle artists-these gossip sessions come up and the artists record companies read these unprofessional and hurtful reviews and it ruins the companies belief in the artist. Why does this website allow that to happen?
Well bunny, I guess we're just bad r!
Most who post reviews here are not professionals. However we do have a right to express what we like and don't like from an artist. After all, it is our money that keeps the artists paid as well as making profit for the lable who signs them. Last I checked, we were still living in a free and open society, honest discourse among us being one of those freedoms. If you are looking for sanitized, everything-is-beautiful reviews, best stick to reading the mainstream press.
You jest! Where did you come up with this concept anyway.

What are the "mean things" being said, seperate from the things folks say when just giving their honest opinions and impressions?

Recording companies judge artists by sales, or before the artists are famous potential sales, not by the comments, good or bad, of a few audiophiles who overly admire ot dislike their artists. Artists themselves are accoustomed to rejection, or should be, they get enuf of it in their life times.

Did someone tell you that your sex symbol wasn't sexy?
I guess for the same reason some people say mean things about others on this forum.

Look at the post dated 9-7-05
in this thread.

I think I've pieced this puzzle together:

So Badbunnyr has responded to two of my other threads I've written in, and sent me 2 emails in one day (the same day he made this post) asking me about a post I made reviewing a bad Rachel Z concert (original post here).

The first thread is to about favorite jazz/rock hdcd's, and BadBunny's post can be read here (in short, it states that he/she likes the work of Rachel Z, especially her latest album "Grace").

The second thread is about our favorite female vocalists and bad bunny's post simply says "Dear m-you have no clue what you are talking about regarding anything about music..."

So given all these clues, and the TWO emails I got today about my original post on Rachel Z, I can only assume that Badbunnyr didn't like my original post. I wrote back an email, but just to make things clear: I wrote bad things about Rachel Z's performance (and her voice) because they were totally substandard in regards to both what I expect of the venue, and more generally in regards to what I like listening to. This site has a number of functions, and one is that it allows those of us who love music to exchange our ideas. I thought anyone possibly going to see Kenny Garrett should be forewarned that he had an opening act, and that the opening act was performing less than amazingly. I don't doubt that Rachel Z is an accomplished pianist, but I think her compositions, and especially her singing, are not things I really enjoy listening to. I doubt Chesky would drop her given only my opinions, and in general, anyone who would just read an opinion on a web site (and I tried to find mine through google, which proved difficult) and take it as gospel is a little suspect, and I like to think record companies don't operate on such simple and suspect business models. Any A & R reps care to chime in?
Perhaps because some make such genious comments, such as Chris Martin of Coldplay along the lines of, "This is the greatest organized event in the history of mankind!"

Never mind the invasion at Normandy, the landing on the moon... etc., etc...

Not to mention most are all self proclaimed political analysts as well.

Perhaps in general - as a group they should focus on what they do, or should do well - music.

Then again, they have a right to their opinion, just as all of us do.
If the companies paid attention to sites like this, they'd charge less for cd's and move a lot more plastic! As Newbee said, companies only pay attention to sales so any comments here roll right off. As for the musicians, who are they going to believe: Thousands of screaming fans and groupies or the musings of a few vinyl and tube lovers?

Audiofankj, don't forget the Oasis comment that they are bigger than the Beatles, or the Beatles' comment that they are bigger than Jesus. Oasis must be really, really big ;-)
Can't say i've seen alot of great artists getting slammed on this site. Stale, predictable, cliche ridden movie sequals and recordings do exist, (and they make some people filthy rich). It doesn't suck when people point this out. There's no shortage of brilliant hard working musicians who make less than the average Burger King employee, (this sucks). Does anyone think it's just awful that people are allowed to say mean and hurtful things about the food at restaraunts? ... it might cause someone to lose money, faith in a chef or even the golden arches.

I would disagree with your statement that record companies read reviews off a google search to determine whether they will continue to support an artist. I think that most record companies don't give 2 cents what anyone says. They only look at the bottom line. If the artist makes them money, the record company is happy. I have lost faith in most main stream record companies. They spend way too much money on promoting/advertising good looking pop artists with sub par talent. Who the hell in their right mind would give Paris Hilton a record deal and she has horse face on top of that. In the end it is all about money, not promoting talented/creative artists. My 2 cents.
Why would some people slam my favorite speakers? Don't they know that influencing other people can have a negative effect on my favorite company's bottom line, which can effect their ability to deliver quality products to me? I mean, some people here say some really nasty stuff about my Vandersteen speakers...

Badbunny- Don't take this the wrong way, please, but if you don't like opinions differing from your own, perhaps you should just avoid the internet altogether.
'cause when i have a deep hangover, it's good to turn on Celine Dion and throw-up...:-).
They give us a lot of material to work with.
Wow- Audiogon must agree with you. I started a thread a couple months ago about shrill female singers and their vocal gymnastics (you know- Mariah, Celine, yada yada).

The thread had a lot of viewers and posters, then POOF! Audiogon pulled it.

Don't say nothing bad about no singers yall...............
Since you brought it up--------I HATE MICHAEL BUBLE'.
before the corporate event in the conference room it's very popular to turn on the most annoying male voice of Barry Manilow instead of more traditional (and certainly less annoying) Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett.
I like Mr Bubble!
Please don't make fun of Barely Manenough.