Why do I only hear popping from one speaker?

I’m listening to a brand new album and I occasionally hear the typical pops from a vinyl album. But for some reason, I’m only hearing them on one speaker. I’ve eliminated the speakers from the problem by streaming the same album and I hear no popping or cracking. So it’s not my tweeter or woofer. I’m using a Porject Debut Carbon with a 2M cartridge that’s probably 10 years old. Is it the cartridge? TIA. 


I would not think it is the cartridge, or you would be hearing it on multiple albums.  Likewise for a loose connection in the phono setup.  However, that being said, do check all the connections starting at the cartridge.  It is possible that one album excites some resonance somewhere and causes an intermittent connection to open for a bit.

Another possibility is your system is capable of some extremely impressive imaging.  Clicks and pops image separately from the music as they are not part of the sound stage.  I have only heard one or two systems in my entire life that can image that well, but maybe you have one!

It is also possible that pop is recorded in the album and it was removed from the streaming copy.   The only way to determine that is to buy another copy of the album and see if it is on there as well.

Of course, I assume you have already cleaned the album using an ultrasonic and possible a vacuum unit as well?