Why all or most audiophiles are men?

I googled to find an answer but no avail. Something very interesting. 
@maguiar102, "I wonder if men use music to tame their male harshness.."

Well, looking at some of aggressive chest thumping that seems to be an ever present part of high end audio (also cars, gaming PCs etc) it is pretty safe to conclude you are right.

Women would rather waste money on clothes and jewelry.
"Women would rather waste money on clothes and jewelry." Now there's a stereotype! My wife would rather spend money on a new canoe or mountain bike. (and she has) I think  it's more about the technical nature of playback equipment. Men are more into "engineering" type of things where women may be more interested in the artistic or the end result of the equipment. They don't care if it's a Carver or a Conrad Johnson as long as it sounds good.
My wife once asked me "Doesn't it sound good enough?" I just laughed. We've been married since 1983. Thank goodness she is patient.