Who woulda thought?

I have been enjoying this audiophoolish hobby for 30 years. Looking back over my speaker resume, most of the speakers I owned were inefficient, not lending to tubes; specifically SET. Anyway, I'm there now. Have gotten to a point in my life were I own (Zu Definition 1.5s) a pair of speakers (101 db!) that allowed me play around with not only the thought, but the follow through going to tubes. Being a tube tyro, my referrent is exclusively with my Audio Sterling SET amp. But oh what a joy. Tubers, you know what I'm talking 'bout. Yes, a little soft in the bottom. But the midrange? To die for. Sweet, holographic, palbable, intimate and lovely at very low volumes. Highs? It's got to be the tube synergy with the Def tweeter, because it near perfect for my tympanics. With 101db + 18 watts per and a large listening room, I can still get those babies to raise the hair on the back of my head. Do they do that as well (sound pressure level wise) as 100 ss watts: No way, but the compromise is well worth it. Now wouldn't it be great to find an integrated amp (on down my long tube road, for I'm having a ball now) that can do 10 beautiful SET watts per, and with a switch go to 75/100 watts pentode? Anyway, I have a wonderful tube mentor, showing me the way, and being very patient with my questions. Last time I felt this way with a system was back in the late 70s when I purchased a pair of Magnaplanar Tympani 1Ds. Very addicting. Couldn't stop listening. Had to move. There went the room those babies needed. I find I'm listening (the Sterling and Def combination)even when I'm exhausted? You know the feeling? Just can't get enough of this new sound. As sweet as I ever heard in any system I have ever owned. It's a good thing...peace, warren
Who woulda thought Warren would give up his Passion! ;)

Glad to hear you like your new setup. Really neat speakers you've got there.
If I didn't have a new crib, I'd still be Passionate over my Caravelles.
Hey Warren,

Do you still own the Caravelle speakers from Star Sound anymore?

You are THERE my friend! You've succumbed to the call of the Sirens, and now you're having your way with them! I don't know your amp...actually Boa2 (Howard) had one of those amps and did some tube rolling - you might ask what his experience was. The choice of 300B tubes will make a huge difference if it's anything like my amps. I've been going back and forth between the new Svets and the very expensive WE tubes. Svets give me a crystaline midrange but get a bit flabby at the bottom. WE's are more balanced overall, with a bit of the edge taken off the Svet midrange (this can be good or bad depending on your preferences), but they do tighten up the bottom end. YMMV.

Congrats Warren.

Thanks Marco. I am using KR KT88s. Hade made tubes from Czeckoslovakia. I am told they are as good, if not better, than British Gold Lions. But then again, what do I know...I am going to have fun finding out...
The speakers and dedicated stands have found a great home: Raytheprinter.. :)
Nice, nice, nice, Warren!

Man, that Ray guy sure has been on a tear lately, eh?
Could not have sold them to a nicer guy. Ray is a gentleman and a scholar...and there's not many of us left..
Thanks Marco. I am using KR KT88s.

Whoops, I'm thinking of a different amp (not the amp Howard had, though it was an Audion). Didn't know they made a KT88 SET. Cool beans. Never tried any KT88 SET amps so no recommendations there. I've only had that tube in P/P amps, but don't think the results would necessarily be the same. Could not afford the Gold Lions (crazy prices)...I think I was diggin' on the JJ Teslas for those amps.

A tube virgin no more huh Warren! I was about to ping you to see where you were in the process. Glad to hear that it is all coming together nicely for you. Of course tubes can be a curse, always wondering if there is a better tube to be had! I just rolled some EH-KT88 and I'm not so sure about them yet - but hey maybe they're breaking in still. Keep on having fun.
I don't know but low powered amps with ultra efficient speakers always reminds me of Olympic walking races.
Pbb, I don't catch your drift.