Who makes a pre/pro with SACD Input?

I have a Sony DVP-NS999ES DVD SACD player that I recently tried to hook up to my just purchased used Parasound P/DD 1550 and P/SP-1500 preamp/processor with Parasound FM tunner.After being told by the seller that I would need to purchase a $150.00 adapter cable and would then be able to use the SACD portion of the Sony unit I found out differently.When hooked up I had no volume control.Useless for practical puposes.I realize this is my fault! Incidently the Parasound units are now for sale for someone that wants to have a system without SACD.
My questions are these:
1)Why is it necessary to have a seperate processor when the Sony DVD SACD has decent quality DAC'S allready?
2)Would it not be better to have a preamp that just controled volume and seletable source switching for audio and audio/video components?
3)Is the reason for a additinal processor for Dolby decoding for a VCR,satelite receiver or HDTV audio signal?
4)If so,are there units that allow you to use the processor for just these functions?
My system consist of a Sony 36" HDTV ready monitor,the Sony DVP-NS999ES,a Nakamichi PA-1 high current 100 watt per channel 5 channel amp,RBH Sound 1266SE's full range towers for LR main ,a RBH 661SE center(goes down to 35Htz),RBH 61SE's for LR and RR(goes down to 45Htz) and a RBH 350 watt 1010SEP sub,a JVC Svideo VCR,a RCA HDTV receiver.
A pre/processor with 5.1 capability that is very clean and non-coloring is what I think I am looking for? Additional sound field processing is not necessary.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank You in advance,
SACD puts out an analog only signal. The Sony units (I have a modified NS500V), have output jacks (6) to send the signal to your processor/preamp. SACD does not operate in the digital domain per se. There are some processors that offer a 6 channel analog input to route the signal to all 5 channels of your amp and the LFE signal to a powered sub. The Sunfire Theater Grand pre/pros do that. The Sunfire Theater Grand II does this via a DB25 connector that you can assign to whatever source you wish on the processor. I think the TGIII does as well.
I use a B&K Reference 30 Processor with my Sony SACD player. You will need 5.1 imputs for any form of SACD or DVD-A to work.
Most pre/pro's have a better decoder than the one that sometimes comes in the dvd player. To use these you must use the digital output on the player. If you want to use the DD/DTS decoder that the player contains, then you must use the analog 5.1 outs on the player. The pre part of pre/pro does offer inputs for decoding other sources as you stated.DD/DTS are for movies except in the case of DTS music, these can be output from the player in analog or digital depending on which decoders are the better. None of this has much to do with SACD or DVD-Audio, these newer formats are only output in analog and are not the same decoders used for DD and DTS, they are in the player, for multichannel sacd or dvd-audio you must have 5.1 input on your receiver or pre/pro, all settings except main volume control are also in the player. This came about due to copy protection worry buy the software makers and will be slow to change. I my system, I use digital out for all movies and 5.1 analog out for multichannel music, on top of all this mess of wires I use the two channel analog out on the player for two channel sacd/redbook, more wires.
My Rotel 1066 has inputs for multichannel analog signal sources...SACD, DVD-A, and anything else they may dream up. When the MULTI input is selected all circuitry of the PRE/PRO except the volume control is bypassed. And there doesn't seem to be much gain, because the volume control is usually just about maxed out. It's almost like having the SACD connected directly to the power amp, which is probably a good thing.
I have the sony DVP NS999es DVD SACD...I use an Integra RDC-7 as my pre-pro...the Integra came with a 24 pin to 6 RCAs adapter that I am using...I had the DC-1 Lexicon before I bought the RDC-7...which for 2years I had it was what I thought was great...but the RDC-7 is in another class all its own...took some time to get it set up but it was worth the bother...I am still finding things out each day I use it...It may be the best purchase I have made in years...You can read all the reviews but without hearing something they don't mean a thing...I took a chance and in my case I love it...If you could get a chance to hear one it would be best...its a what you play is what you hear type unit...it does a great job on video also...worth a look.
Dollar for Dollar my highest rating. Integra Research RDC-7
I don't know your budget but for between $800-$1100 you should look at the Audio Refinement equipment. There is a Pre-2 DSP (which I own) that has an excellent 5.1 analogue input and 2-channel stereo input. It keeps the signal all analogue - no A/D to D/A conversion like in most models. The Pre- 2 DSP is a pre/proc and the other Audio Refinement model is the Pre-5 which is only a 6 channel/ 2 channel preamp with no HT processing. It would be used primarily for connecting an SACD/DVDA player or outboard HT processor along with good 'ole stereo inputs (again no A/D-D/A). I have not heard that unit personaly but I have read great things about it! If it is as good as the Pre-2, it is a winner. The (realistic "street") prices are $1100 for the Pre-2 and approx. $700-$800 for the Pre-5. Happy hunting. -Tony
For a bit more, you can look at used Classe SSP30's. Nice analog section, 6 channel inputs, good A/D and D/A sections, etc.
To add my two cents. In an effort to simplify what you might be looking for, look for a processor that has "analog pass-through" capabilities. This would allow the signal from the SACD player to flow directly to the volume control of your processor. This would preserve the use of the Sony DACs. Of course, if you purchase a $3000+ processor, the DACs in the processor will most likely be superior to that of the Sony in which case you would want to use the digital output on the player. Processors with analog pass-through are likely to have more bells and whistles because they skew more towards state of the art, it's the nature of the beast. A processor such as the Classe SSP-30 while having plenty of features focuses more energy and design to sound quality therefore it might make a better choice for you, if it's within your budget. It retails at approximately $3000 new.

I have had personal experience with some of the proceesors above. The Integra Research ($4500) is an excellent unit and I owned the Rotel 1066 ($1499) for a year before trading up to a Krell Showcase ($4000), these units are excellent as well. The Rotel may very well be the best value in HT utilizing features found in much more expensive components. Sound quality is very good though not as good as Classe, Integra and Krell but certainly nowhere near as expensive.

I would suggest you audition a Rotel and move on from there. Most of what I stated had been stated before but I thought saying it a different way might help reinforce the information. And I hope that it helps you.
I just bought the Outlaw Audio Pre-Pro. It is $799 new and you can try it out for 30 days to see if you like it. If not, then you can return it. It has analog pass through for your sacd player. I have nothing to compare it to, but I liked the price. I could not find a "best" processor in the $2500-$3000 range. The technology and models have been changing. This allowed me to set up my new system. I am still in the process. Good luck
Q#1)Why is it necessary to have a seperate processor when the Sony DVD SACD has decent quality DAC'S allready?

Sometimes DECENT just isnt good enough. Not to mention that seperate DACs that decode SACD/DVD-A as well as SACD/DVD-A players that put that signal out in the digital domain, are few and far between....Theta's Gen8 DAC does decode SACD, but thats the only one I know of. I read of a DVD player that puts out the digital signal but I cant remember for sure, I think it was a Phillips???? Slipknot1 explained the current situation well, but for reiterations sake, most DVD players (except the afformentioned Phillips??) ONLY put out an analog SACD/DVD-A output.

Q#2)Would it not be better to have a preamp that just controled volume and seletable source switching for audio and audio/video components?

BETTER is a POV question, for you I guess yes, for me no. I prefer my proccessing in one tidy box, except for CDs and I prefer my old Theta external DAC.

Q#3)Is the reason for a additinal processor for Dolby decoding for a VCR,satelite receiver or HDTV audio signal?

In general yes. Typically for the DD and/or DTS available from DVDs, plus a few surround matrix modes as well, of course only if desirable.

Q#4)If so,are there units that allow you to use the processor for just these functions?

Of course, an input, typically called a 5.1 analog bypass is used for SACD and DVD-A. Rotel, B & K, Krell, Integra, Sunfire, Bryston, and Classe, just to name a few, all make pre/pros that accept 5.1 analog inputs, plus a host of other user selectable modes. For the most part, most if not all, NEW pre/pros offer this input.

On your system you named a TV, an amp, a source, some speakers, a VCR, and a TV tuner.

1) Where is your volume knob currently located? As far as I know that source doesnt have a variable volume, e.g. Cary 308.

Thats the piece a pre/pro could/will replace.

(of course I did not mention the possibilty that you could use a preamp inline between the pre/pro and amp. But that brings up a host of new questions, such as, unity gain and theatre pass through. For these answers look at the threads named "PLease explain preamp theatre pass through," and "Seperating 2 channel and HT in the same system.")

I have just upgraded to a Bryston SP1.7 which has the 5.1 input, the Rotel RSP-976 I had also had these inputs. I have a Sony DVP-ns900v DVD/SACD and I am enjoying it, so my new pre/pro HAD to have this feature. The Rotel will probably be up for sale here, in a few days. Just in case your interested WINK WINK.