Who makes a DVD or CD player with variable output?

I'm looking for something that I can plug straight into my amp and hopefully use a remote as the volume control. If there is a unit that also has a headphone output with volume control that would be great.
I have owned the following CD players with remote controllable variable volume control:

Theta Miles (mine was the sonically superior balanced+RCA version)

Cary CD-308

Resolution Audio Opus 21

I successfully used all 3 in a CD direct system with no pre-amp. They range in price from $800-$2500 on the used market.

There are others, including some other Cary's, Some high end Sony's, etc. If you do a search on this site and on the AudioAsylum site, you will see that this exact question gets answered nearly every week. A quick search will likely turn up nearly every variable output unit ever sold.

BTW, I know that some DVD players have variable output, but I think it is in the digital domain. The popular opinion appears to be that you want the variable output to be performed in the analog domain, not digital domain, if you want good sound. I can't say as I have not tried one that is digital.

BTW, is MakersMark referring to a popular beverage from Kentucky? If so, you have good taste (taste good!).


The Alpha Digital EAD DVDMaster 8000 Pro is one such player -- eight analog audio outs, with analog volume control. It's a killer player (I have one for sale here at the HT/video dept).
The Cary 308 an 308T CD players come with a standard remote volume control.

The Cary 303/200 and 306/200 CD players have available, optional remote volume controls. You'll need to spend twice as much to beat the sound of the 306/200.

The Cary Cinema 6 DVD has a built in standard remote volume control and a standard, built in 5.1 surround processor. With the Cinema 6 DVD there's no need for an external pre/pro unless you want a 7.1 setup. It's also an excellent CD player and will play your HDCD as well.

We are a dealer for Cary and can answer any other questions you may have. I will be happy to e-mail you an owners manual for any of the above mentioned units.