NAD Monitor Series 5100 variable output help

I'm hoping someone can help me out with my NAD 5100 CD player. I acquired the player from my sis-in-law when her father passed away. It didn't come with the remote but I never use one with my audio equipment. Anyway, the 5100 has two pair of outputs, fixed and variable. Does anyone know how to adjust the output for the variable output jacks? I'm hoping it can be done without the remote.

I downloaded a service manual (for the 5000) but that only showed me that it uses a digital volume control to adjust the output.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I own the 5000 and it's volume control for the variable analog output is only accessable via the remote. The player will reset the level to a factory pre-set modest level every time the machine is powered up to avoid blasting you out. You will probably have to find a remote for your unit to use the volume feature or else just use the fixed outs into your preamp/receiver. Good luck, the Monitor Series stuff from NAD is great! -jz