White Audio Labs

Anyone familiar with these products? How similar are they to the Llano designs, specificaly the B2.o power amp?
Blkadr, Randy White is the designer & builder of both. I think their name was changed sometime back from White to Llano. The new Trinity power amp is compairable to amps that sells for two or three times more. I am currently considering one of their pre-amps to match my Trinity 200. Hope this was helpful.
I own a White Audio Labs A-100. This is a 1995 amp which is rated @ 100wpc and supposedly runs pure class A to about 70 watts. It has balanced as well as unbalanced inputs and two pairs of binding posts. It has a tremendous ammount of heatsinking and runs fairly cool. The internal build quality is excellent. The bottom end weight is tremendous and the overall performance is refined.
I do not know how the White amps compare with the Llano amps but you should be able to contact Randy White at www.llanodesign.com.

PS-hope you are enjoying the speakers!