Which Wadia??

Could someone explain the pros and cons of the various Wadia transports that are showing up on the used market...including the 7, 12, 20, 270, WT2000, WT3200 etc.??

What are the differences in sonics and build.
build quality is very good as is the parts inside. The company has been in turmoil lately. I would have to say you would be better off with a Mark Levinson dac. Which are fairly cheap on the used market at this time. Good Luck
Lev335 is referring to a DAC - you were asking about a transport, right?
It always depends on your personal taste. All the WADIAs are of incredible building perfection. I tend to think that the younger the transport is - and the 270 is in current production line - the more improved the unit is. WADIA always stepped forward in their quality - never backwards. But since the building quality is so good - why not go for an older transport of your taste and budget.
When it comes to the DAC, however, things get more taste related. F.e. I do not like the Levinson DAC's AT ALL. But since you were asking about a transport I guess your DAC is already sitting on its shelf waiting for digital food?
Yes....my dCS Purcell/Delius is waiting for a better digital source than my tweaked Rotel-971. So far, I've found 3200's for about $800, 20's for about $2000, and a 7 for about $3700. A new 270 will run quite a bit more.

While I agree that newer is usually better, I've heard that the 7, while in production almost a decade ago was perhaps the finest transport Wadia ever made...and remains a reference standard today.

Any opinions on whether it would sound $3K better than a 3200???
the 7 utilizes a teac transport while the newer transports utilize the pioneer transport the teac is far superior
I used a #20 for over 5 years, never had a desire to change the front end, although I did change elsewhere. Then I got curious about this SACD format, looked like the 777es had the same build quality as the Wadia so I sold the 20 and DAC and bought a Sony 777es SACD player. I know that I am going to get people telling me that the Sony's are as good a player as the Wadia players sonically but I beg to differ. Sold the Sony and am back using the Wadia products. I know you didn't ask for a personal history lesson so in short buy the latest Wadia transport or player that you can afford and enjoy.....
I own the dcs combo too and you can believe me that this combo is NOT very sensitive to transports.
Reason is a superior jitter processor.I tried several transports,all of them were ok.
What I want say is, when you go for the ultimate and you can afford it, ok, but the difference in sonics is not so huge you will expect.
I think the Wadia 3200 is a really good unit. Cheap 2 . hand and most people have no idea, what they sell....
When you want to go up, there is imho no danger with Wadia.
Wadia still uses teac transports.
I am using a Teac CD player (VRDS 20) as a transport with great results. Does anyone know which Wadia transport is in this thing?
Macrojack, it's the other way around. Wadia doesn't make transport mechanisms. Teac does. Wadia uses Teac, not sure which though.