Which speaker should I choose?

I recently got a decent sound system comprised of a Denon avr3200 and a klipsch synergy fusion surround sound system, (a pair of ksf 10.5 towers, ksw 12 sub, two ksb-s1's, two ss.5's, and a sc-1 center speaker)

It is my first foray into higher end audio gear. I got a little over zealous and also purchased a pair of Mcintosh ML-1c's (which have yet to be delivered).

I'm wondering if I should trade in my klipsch 10.5 towers or if that would be a mistake. Also any knowledge you guys could lend on if my system is appropriately powered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
The speakers appear to be extremely efficient so I am sure your AVR has plenty of power to satisfy. There is more to sound quality than power as I went from a 6 ohm stable to a 4 ohm stable AVR with great improvement (also an increase in power) to a stereo tube amplifier with less than half the power and it is by far the best sound overall.
It all depends on your budget really. There are plenty great sounding speakers out there. Is Klipsch your favorite?
If you like the way they sound you should keep them. You might find better answers to your question in the home theater forum.