Which one of the 3 Stereophile test CD's to buy?

Please, I need help on this. Do you recommend me to get all three Stereophile test CD's or just one? which one and why? I'd appreciate your recommendations. Gracias! (thanks!)
they're all cool. If you want a copy of the 2nd one, I can sell it to you for $10 shipped. It's unopened, I have an extra one. Email me back and I can list the contents. cheers
Tom Schuman
You might also want to consider the XLO Test & Burn-in CD that is available from Audio Advisor. I own all 3 from Stereophile and the XLO and tend to use the XLO most often.
what is the use for theese cds ?
are they use to tune the systems, or to burn in the systems ?
Both, they have tones at different frequencies which can be used in concert with a Sound Pressure Level meter to measure your speakers performance and tweak placement as well as such tracks to balance the levels between the channels and a track designed for burn in. There are also musical tracks to use for testing the quality of the sound.


Start with disc 1 (STPH-002-2). Tracks 14 to 16, track 17 and track 18 will give you a very good insight into the different conversion techniques used in digital reproduction. Regards, Richard