Which one is the best Bedini power amp and preamp?

Hello everyone ! I`m looking for amps for my system. I have a pair of Shahinian Obelisk . Any comment help for me , thank you so much !
Hi...some say the best amp is the 25/25, unfortunately will not have enough current for your speakers. Something more like an 803 would be great. Bedini was not known for their preamps. :(
your amps now?
I owned the Obelisks for many years and, yes, did run them with the 25/25. That was one sweet amp. Should have never sold it. However, even as nice as that sounded the Obelisks would do better with a bit more current. As for using a Bedini, any of the 80x series would be good, but IMO the best high power amp John Bedini ever made was the 100/100 1 Meg.

I've owned or used a bunch of Bedini gear over the years, and it is good stuff, but if you were looking for something today I'd advise that you consider other amps which also would do a good job running these speakers. Van Alstine, McCormack, Plinius, a couple of others.

IMO the Bedini preamps were also not bad - a great value for the dollar. But rather than going Bedini full out perhaps something could be mated with your current preamp. I see you're using a Kora Eclipse. I haven't heard it but I've read some nice things about it. Is there something about it that you think doesn't work with the Obelisks?
Hi ,
sorry for the late response I was very busy that time . So my current amps is a pair of Kora cosmos and the Kora Eclipse preamp they sounded fantastic ,I really loved them ! I`m just curious about Bedini amps ? Just like the Kora amps I`ve read some very good things about it. Many thanks to all of you guys !
Teslamade, if you like the way the system sounds then you really shouldn't have to worry too much. The only thing I would consider is that the Cosmos (based on reviews I've seen) seems to have a bit of trouble at loads of 4 Ohms and lower. While the Obelisks are nominally 6 Ohm speakers they do drop down to below 4 Ohms. But if it's making the kind of music you like to hear then stick with it.
Thank you for your response !