Which Denon Receiver for my home theater?

I am building out a home theater. I currently have a Denon-540 in my living room, and I really like it. I am wondering how much improvement in sound and cinematic experience if I stepped up to a S650H-R, S750H-R, S960H-R, or X1600H-R. I would likely be using the maxinum number of speakers with each of these receivers. The price spans from $230 for the 540 to $500 for the 1600.

Also, side question, what is the difference in the "H" models and the "H-R" models?  


I'm not familiar with the models you mention but I'll say that I'm driving a pretty hefty set of speakers with a Denon 3700H.  While not the quality of seperates in my 2 channel system, I find it quite adequate for movies.


It depends quite a bit on your speakers and your room.  If the Denons are using Class D amps, likely at that price range, they probably can drive inefficient speakers, but it will probably be a dy sound.  Fine for video, not especially appealing with music that has a wide dynamic range , small ensembles, female vocals, etc.

Likely audio improvements : minimal to nil .... with a high probability of the latter.

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