Which DACs do SACD decoding?

I do not really want to buy a new CDP to get the eventual bebefits of the few SACD's that I do own.... Would you be kind enough to give me some advice?

Thanking you in advance.
I am pretty sure if you want SACD then you need a dedicated player for the format. SACD uses Direct Stream Digital which I do not think can be passed via digital output...The processing has to be done within the unit. However, I may be wrong...someone please correct me!

It's not just the DAC that needs to be replaced if you
want SACD. The data format on SACD discs - "DSD" - is
different than the data format on regular "Redbook" CDs.

You need a player that knows how to read the new format.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Unless you have an SACD player to decode the info on the disc, the dac will do nothing for you.

Dr R. C. Brockhaus
Thank you so much for all your appropriate answers.

You are correct that Sony [ the creators of SACD / DSD ]
will not license a player that outputs the digital DSD
data stream unencrypted.

However, some manufacturers, like Ed Meitner's EMMLabs
have a proprietary digital output that allows the digital
output from the CDSD player to be input to either a DAC6e
or a DCC2 converter.

However, in these proprietary schemes, the player and the
DAC are a "matched set" from the same manufacturer.

In any case, a new transport is needed to read SACD discs.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Dr. Greenman,

Thanks for the information. I was not familiar with EMM Labs product...

Check out the EMMLabs CD player at:


and their DACs at:



They are not the only ones that use a proprietary link to
transfer the DSD signal between separate components, but
stay within Sony's legal proscription against the DSD
digital signal being available to being recorded.

Dr. Gregory Greenman