Which CD player should I consider for my system ?

Hi there,
I'm in the process of breaking up my existing system into two separate ones. One (the "small" one) will be used as a secondary system that will also run some outdoor speakers when required and the other will be my "main" system. Right now I'm bi-amping my speakers and would like to keep it that way. Here's what my "main" system consists of:

NAD C370 int. amp (using it both as a "pre" and "power" amp)
NAD C270 power amp
Totem Acoustic Sttaf
Unity Link Interconnects
Unity Link Speaker cables.

I have a NAD C521BEE that I'll be using for my second system and would like to know which CD player to consider out of the following:

NAD C540 (fully modified & used)
Rega Planet (used)
Arcam Diva CD73T (new) - I'm not sure if it's this or the Diva CD72 but I know it retails for about $1000 Canadian.

Would I notice a big difference between let's say the NAD & the Arcam ? I was told that the Arcam would be quite a step up from the NAD. I listen to all kinds of music but I love 80's stuff. I also like to "crank it" once in a while. I'm very happy with the sound now but I need to add a second CD player to "complete" my main system. All of your input and or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.
You might consider adding a CEC CD player to the list as they offer two models that would be considered "affordable". One of them is found used on AGon; there is at least one for sale for 300 right now. And, a belt drive model is also for sale which I'd be looking at did I not have a Counterpoint CD transport that refuses to die.
Here is the ad:

good luck
Out of the ones you listed the CD73 is easily the most musical to me. Then the NAD. The 73 is a stepup over the 72, and it costs less than the 72 did new. The Planet was so polite sounding I thought it crossed over to being boring. Generally, people who are really into analog like the Planet's sound.

The NAD is a little forward sounding. But not unpleasant. And you would have good synergy in your system. But if it was my $699 US, I'd go with the Arcam.
stick with nad
Been using the NAD C-541i for more than a year now and feel it's a wonderful player for the money. I've had more expensive players in my system but always returned to the NAD.
Stick with NAD until you have bigger funds to spend. If you want improvement, try upgrading power cord.