Which CD/DVD players/transports output 24/96?

I am looking for a CD player, DVD player, or transport that will export a 24/96 or 24/192 bit stream to use with Benchmark DAC or other DACs that can handle those sample rates. My EAD Theatermaster will play 24/96, but down samples the digital output, as do many other players, to 16/44. I also have an Oppo DV-970HD, and it is unclear to me whether that player only out puts 16/44. There are conflicting reports. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sony DVP-S9000ES will output 24/96 through coax or Toslink.
I believe Playstation 3 does on bluerays and games.
my Denon DVD-2200 will output a full 24/96 S/PDIF signal. It is my understanding that other Denon units will do the same.