Which Cary amp will drive the Revel Studio

Does any one have this combination? cary driving the studio I am looking for monoblock amp. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Believe it or not, the 15 watt 300se SET drives the studios nicely. Bass is surprisingly rich and saturated sounding (hard to describe but sounds different than solid state bass). In my small room at small listening levels, the sound was excellent. The 805C, 50 watt SET, also worked well, and is obviously a better match. I didn't test much for loudness, so they may be not enough for some purposes, but for presenting the speakers at their best at moderate listening levels, the Cary SETS were just superb.
V12 monos i would think would be great
Don't limit yourself only on one brand of amplifier since you may love different one better...
Do you have any suggestion? I was also thinking about vac amp, but heard the cary is little bit sweeter sounding.
I more lean towards Audio Research VT100, VTL MB185 or BAT VK75 i.e. precise and dynamic tube amps since most of the music I listen is instrumental. IMO I never liked Cary for being tooo soft. Now realy thinking of getting SS amp to biamp with my current VTL MB100. I'd probably choose McCormack DNA1 to have a beauty of both worlds in my system.
thanks, marakanetz I don't think neither one of those amp can drive the revel.