which cables for my system?

I'm looking to squeeze more out of my system, and I think the Transparents are the weak link. The Cardas make a difference, but the $$ is a hurdle. I like a "full" sound, but the Transparents seem a little "slow" and "tight". Highs seem rolled off, bass a tidge sloppy.

Currently the system is:
Cary SLI-80 with Electro-Harmonix (KT88s)
Sota Comet with Grado Platinum
Grado PH-1 phono amp
Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD
Boston Acoustics VR-M60 speakers
Cardas Neutral Reference IC (between CDP and amp)
Transparent MusicLink IC
Transparent MusicWave Bi-Wire

I listen mainly to female vocals, acoustical music, jazz, some rock.

I'm thinking for speaker cables- AntiCables 6ft.

For ICs- VH Audio Pulsar Cryo.

Any suggestions?

I considered the AntiCables before settling on the Alpha Core Goertz MI-2 cables. They have a 30 day trial period so it may be worth looking into along with others you're considering. For the money these are great cables. I also have the VH Audio Pulsar as a digital interconnect. I purchased mine terminated with WBT NextGens. It has done a great job in between my transport and DAC. I also use Nordost Red Dawn from pre-amp to amp and DAC to pre-amp. I use Nordost Blue Heaven from phono stage to preamp.

The Nordost ICs excel in detail. They are a bit pricey but if you look hard enough there are some good deals on these ICs out there. The Pulsars are a great bang for the buck. They really helped improve imaging. Overall, combined with the copper MI-2s which impart warmth without sacrificing a lot of detail, the ICs in my system have improved the imaging and soundstage of my system a lot.

Make sure you try before you buy or get a money back option. Happy listening.
Scrapiron, at one time my total system was wired with Transparent Audio Labs high level ICs and speaker wire. I than started to audtion wires from Audioquest,Nordost,Straightwire and Kimber(all the higher end of their lines) and was not very impressed by any of them in my system. Then I tried Acoustic Zen (Silver referenceII,Matrix referenceII,and Satori speaker wire)and totally replaced all my Transparent Audio Labs through out my system. All the virtues I was looking for and very reasonable priced. I have gone on to the new reference in the AZ line, the Absolute ICs and speaker wires, which build on the virtues of the above mentioned models. As you know a home audtion of wires is a "must" to see if their synergy matchs your gear along with your own personnal taste. I suggest you put them on your audtion list, you might find them to your liking. A final note, I posted a review of AZ absolute wires here on the GON which goes into details regarding their specific sonic virtues which might be helpful to you if you never listened to the AZ product line. Hope this helps.