Which amp is better for monitors....

Pass Aleph 5 or Bryston 4B ST?
willyb: are ya' talkin about those giant lizards or did you have some sorta speaker in mind? with the lizards all ya' really need is one of them crankup magnetos we've all used to scare up nightcrawlers.
my bad, my bad.. I am considering the Tyler ref. Monitors, Merlin TSE's, Proac 1sc or 1.5's. Bear with with cornboy Im new to this "hobby" and have alot of questions to ask. Anyway what is a bushel of corn worth today?
Willyb...you being new, I realize why you may not understand, but we really need to know what speakers you will be using in order to recommend an amp. If this answers your question the Pass Aleph in my opinion is a more musical better sonic reproducer, however the Brystons (not sonically bad at all either) will drive more speakers due to impedance match up.