Where to read about Electric Service Improvements

I am interested in reading up on how to improve the performance of the electric service that enters my house.

Basically, is there a book or article that articulates what cables, plugs, wiring, grounding, polarity issues etc. that the audiophile might want his electric service to undergo if she/he wants to get as much performance benefit from the electric service/company for audio listening purposes.
You basically have two maybe three options at the service. You can upgrade to a larger service for starters. Most people go from 100 or 150amp to 200amp. This usually requires ripping the old one completely out and installing new parts. Some audiophiles may go to a commercial grade panel with bolt-on breakers at this point. Be advised that I recently priced one out and found the cost to be three times higher than a conventional residential panel. After that the audiophile seeks dedicated power, isolated grounding, dedicated neutrals and a few hundred other specialty tweaks, which I’m sure, will be posted soon. Otherwise just do a search in the forums on *dedicated* I'm sure some good info will come up.