Western Electric 10ga vs Dueland 16ga

Would anyone have experience in using this two cables and which one do you prefer? Thanks for your input.
I build and sell cables using both and have extensive knowledge of both. First, the Duelund wire sound more open, airy, lively and resolving. The WE wire is a tad darker sounding and warmer. 

I need to know now how long your speaker cables will be and the amp and speaker combo to give you some advice as to wire gauge.  
Onkyo A-9555 with ADS L620's.Will the source components matter?
Cables would be no more than 5ft .
The Western Electric is also available in 14g and 16g.
Using 16ga at the moment, just curious if 10ga would make any improvement.Not unhappy with the sound but always looking for better.
16 gauge is fine for your system. The Duelund will simply sound more open, resolving and real.  The WE 10 gauge will be warmer and not as open or resolving. The WE bass is slower and not as fast and crisp.  You can try both for yourself in your own system to see which one is best for you. Both are very good indeed.  
Ditto Grannyring...

 You should also know Dueland is available in 12 gauge. Also I understand authentic WE hasn't been manufactured for quite a few years now and there are a few unscrupulous eBay sellers claiming to have WE but "caveat emptor".
Bought the WE 16ga from tjacobs I believe around a year ago on eBay.So pretty sure they are the real deal.
john, I got my WE 14g from tjacobs (a retired WE engineer) as well. It's the old stuff.