Where to get mods for Sony 777SACD

Anybody modifying their Sony 777 SACD's? I'm looking for somebody to do a quality mod on mine. I hear that EVS is doing mods but only on the newer Sony's that have just been introduced. Great Northern Sound was also working on a mod although I understand it has been delayed or postponed. Anybody know of anyone else? Thanks.
Contact Linn Products in Scotland. They sell a mod called an "LP12" that will vastly improve upon the sound of the 777.
I had mine modified by Jerry Ozment of Audio Logic, but he was unsure of whether he was going to continue with the mods because of what they would cost him and therefore what he'd have to charge, given his uncertainty as to the future of the medium. I'm ecstatic about the mod--it makes the unit a much higher resolution player (which has its pitfalls, depending on the source material), with better bass, dynamics, dimensionality and "aliveness", for lack of a better word. It's like running it through an Audio Logic DAC. The mod basically consists of channeling the power supplies in the unit to the digital side, then adding the tubed analog stage from the Audio Logic DAC in a small box attached to the side of the Sony unit, complete with a separate power supply, and bypassing the Sony analog stage. Minimally invasive surgery. You can call Jerry at 203-966-1732 if you're interested and to see if he's still doing the mods.
Greetings, I would recommend contacting (http://www.audience-av.com). Their phone number is 800-565-4390. They are located here in the states (Escondido, CA). They are said to be alble to do virtually any modification (or even build audio gear from the ground up) that is wanted. Best regards, -Donald W ENTERPRISES NORTHWEST http://www.wenterprisesnw.com/start.htm [email protected]