Where should I go next? Where are my weak links?

I am now running a much simpler system than I did in the past. I have a pair of Zu Audio Essence speakers coupled with a Mini-Method sub. They are driven by a pair of Manley Neo-Retro 300b amplifiers. I listen mostly to vinyl. My turntable is a slightly upgraded VPI Scout with the SDS drive, scoutmaster platter, ring clamp and VPI mini feet. The scout is loaded with a Benz Micro L2 wood cartridge. I use a Linn Linto phono stage and a Manley Shrimp preamplifier. I condition the power on my source components with a Furman Elite 15. All my interconnect cables are Zu Audio Missions and my power cords are Zu Boks. My speaker cables are Zu Libtecs. I really love the sound produced by my system. I did not really understand how dynamic my 300b amps could sound until I coupled them with a copacetic set of speakers. But, being as I am, I can't help looking to improve on what I have. I am aware that I am not the most knowledgeable or experienced audiophile, so I am hoping for some useful suggestions from all you savvy folk out there. I am not looking to revolutionize my system at this time, just to refine what I have. I wonder whether an improved phono stage might be in the cards.

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Ivan, I choose from Wavelength Cardinal Signature XS 300Bs or Wavelength 45s Silver driving Beauhorn Virtuoso speakers which house 8" Lowther DX4s. Very simple crossover-less design in a VERY small apartment. They don't reach extreme highs or lows, but do work VERY well for my liking! (Volume is NO problem with either amplifier pairs) I certainly feel where you are coming from, my friend!
BTW, currently running Sophia RPs in the Cardinals.
Charles, I am enjoying your sound reviews and looking forward to further installments, not to mention reports of yours and Ivan's equipment getting together in whichever configuration. Big fun!
Charles, I hope you're not hinting at me to send you my amps to test.... just kidding!! he he he