Where's the best spot to put my audio stand

I did some searching here but could not find anything.

Currently my stand sits between my speakers but I find to awkward getting to the back to switch tubes, PC's, etc.

I notice that many users have their amps behind or between their speakers with the rest of their gear on a rack on the other side of the room. You obviously need a long IC. Other than convenience, are there other factors to consider in positioning your rack? I'm thinking about moving mine to a corner but am unsure if that's a sound move.
I have my racks on the back wall directly behind my listening chair, seems to sound fine. The only inconvience with this arrangement is I need to turn around to see the displays. My amps are by my speakers. Yes long interconnects.
I'm thinking of moving my racks to the left wall across from my listening position. My listening chair is about 6 feet from the rear wall, center of room. Will still need long interconnects but will solve the problem of having to turn around to see the displays. The rack will be out of the way of the first reflection points. My room is 17'-4" X 24'-8" X 8'-0".
I would think putting it in a corner might cause the room nodes to bother the equipment.
Give it a try and see what happens.
Enjoy the music.
Keep in mind that the equipment rack will impact your sound, particularly if placed between your speakers or on a side wall between the listening position and your speakers. That being said, my rack is between my speakers but about four feet behind the front edge of the speakers.

We didn't want to place our rack behind our listening position because of the long interconnects (and associated cost) that this positioning would require. We tried a front corner location, but we heard the rack there and the sound was not balanced. A sidewall placement in our 14.5' x 26' x 8' room wouldn't work because the equipment would then be pushing into the acoustic space plus the room would no longer be symmetrical to support the optimal soundstaging we were seeking to achieve.

Our final solution of "centered but well back" from the plane of the speakers was our best compromise to get 1) balanced sound due to symmetrical placement, and 2) fairly short interconnects. We still can hear the rack's impact on the soundstage, but the impact is slight.

So, general thoughts: don't let the rack be between the speakers if also close to the plane of the drivers -- anything between your speakers is going to impact soundstaging; keep the room as symmetrical as possible; seek to use shorter interconnects if possible for both sonics and cost (and, sure, I've heard some great sounding rooms with long but expensive cables); remember that everything is a trade-off one way or another.

Good luck,

Good thoughts and wisdom on this subject.

I have my rack in a closit that is around the corner from my speakers.
Thanks for the responses. My listening room is 13 x 19. I had the same thoughts about big bass sound waves if I moved it to the corner. Probably not a good idea. Sounds like moving the rack to a side wall won't be of much benefit either.

My speakers are about 5 feet from the back wall and my rack is well behind that between them. I also thought about splitting the single rack into two racks lowering the overall height to lessen any sonic impact but I like my TT on a higher rack. This may be my only reasonable tradeoff.
that's exactly what I ended up doing with my rack. It was 5 shelves tall in the middle and set back pretty far. Split it into 2 units to lower overall height and found it to sound much better than before. From a WAF it needed to stay on that wall so that's what happened here.