Where do you put your TV/equipment?

Most armoire & entertainment centers are big, tall, flat-sided things that sit between the main speakers--not good for your image! I want an open-architecture stand, but I have a soon to crawl kiddo who would use it as a jungle gym! So what do I put my TV and gear on/in to keep it out of reach and not destroy the image I work so hard to get?!
YUP,Todlers and av stuff don't mix well.Also doug,todlers LOVE to push on the speaker cones.Back to the Ent.cntr. It will impact your.sound stage depth. I would go for one of them big suckers with closeable wooden doors ,and a hook & eye,up high.Kids explore,it is what they do,and they are not very teachable til---Around 45 I guess.I have a 60in rr proj,and it is about the size of an ent.ctr.56 h 53w 26deep.My speakers are off to ea.side.So I have decent horizontal imaging but little or no stage depth.Well I don't have two rooms,sounds like you don't either,so we are stuck.I could get one of them 10grand projectors and have only a screen.I have my speakers about 57 from the back wall.Life forces compromises,but with a todler I'd opt for the closeable door.
I have the same problem and just went from the open architecture to a BIG cabinet. My equipment cabinet covers the whole wall with the exception of enough room to put my speakers. I have baby gates in front of my speakers when the baby is up. My critical listening occurs after the baby is in bed, and then I pull my speakers out to the proper location (cabinet is now the back wall in my measurements). In addition, I have equipped this cabinet with magnetic childproof locks so the baby can't get in any of the equipment. The other similar solution an audiophile friend did was built cabinet fronts / structure and had the equipment on zoethecus stands behind the doors (with magnetic childproof locks). This was expensive, but looks really nice. He also has an IR Repeater for the remote equipment. I also think this improved his sound due to the fact that the equipment is truely removed from the center of the sound stage, the downfall is longer speaker cables. He also has to pull out his speakers for optimal sound. There is no good solution with carpet commandos and AV Equipment.
my tv is not in my stereo/living room, so no problem *there*! ;~) the stereo equipment is on a side-wall, not between the speakers (except for the amps), so there's no problem there, either. i run one long pair of interconnects from the preamp to the active x-over & amps, which sit on a wery low 2-shelf double-wide stand. this is against the wall between the speakers, & w/the speakers ~4' out, there's no imaging problems. the only problem i've had w/my kids (who are now 5-n-8), were once when my daughter got hold of the volume knob & cranked it - OUCH!!! also, my monitors have been knocked off their stands more than once, w/some resultant chips to the back edge of one of my rhombus-shaped meret re's. fortunately they're on carpet, & built like tanks. floor-standing speakers would be better - i wouldn't have to worry as much about kids (or *anyone*, for that matter) tripping on the wires behind the speakers. w/monitors, this can yank 'em off the stands. my equipment has *always* been on open shelving; my kids are generally wery respectful of the equipment.
I reckon kids are very trainable, you just have to be firm and consistant. The problem comes when the visiting children arrive. The AV/Stereo problem is certainly tricky. I don't have this problem, but a friend solved this by building a false wall behind his speakers so he could set everything in the wall and close curtains over it all when listening to music. Even during movies this is better than having a TV protruding into the room. The overall cost was probably not much more than an antique armoire.