Where Can I get the Altis CDIII remote repaired?

The remote of my Altis CD III transport is not working. The Altis transport is working without a problem but needs the remote for standard operation of selection of tracks, repeat, pause etc. Is there someone out there that repairs the Altis product?
Unfortunately Jerry Ozment did fix and modify Altis and other tube dacs, but he passed away in August 2010.
I have his Audio Logic 2400 tube dac.
He was one of the best minds in the audio business.
I belive you can use any Philips RC-5 compatible remote.
Do you have the matchng dac? If so, which version? Baby the CDT as the display isn't available any longer.
Thank you for your suggestion of the Philips RC-5. Do you know if in fact this remote has been used with the Altis CDiii, and where I might purchase one?
Do a Google search.