Where can I get a Musical Fidelity x10v3 serviced

I just bought an x10v3 from a member, and after using it for a month or so, I have noticed a significant amount of static/fuzz in the right channel at higher levels. I tried the "pass thru" outputs, and they are clean as a whistle. I also tested all other sources to my preamp and they also are clean. Some days are better than others, but it is always there. Help! I appreciate any help/suggestions.

Bruce Miller
This is the only authorized service center in the US.

How about MF direct?Bob

Signal Path
215 Lawton Road
Charlotte, NC 28216

They are the authorized MF repair center in the US.

Regards, Rich
Thanks...I have tried signalpath twice before I posted,...no response, thought I might try another. Guess I'll keep trying them. No other choice I guess.

Anyone else had this noise issue with the X10v3?
Calling is always the best way to contact any company. Try them at 704-391-9337 or 704-391-0673.
Thanks, finally got a call back. Turns out thier tech was in the hospital with knee surgery.
I also have two of these little bundles of joy and like yours mine also had fuzz. I found out the problem, It is that the humidity in the room has to be at a spicific place or at a certain level. I exchanged mine for one in the store that was not making noise. When I got it home and fired it up,STATIC and FUZZ!! I then turned up my humidifier and within 12 hrs the static sound was all but gone, never to return to this day. I hope this helps you because MF products are very well made. Let me know if this helps you.