Where can I find info on Spendor S6 speakers"

I have looked everywhere but to no avail. When I googled "spendor s6" a lot of websites came up but practically every one of them were in another language. Even the Spendor webpage has no mention of the s6. Was the speaker actually sold in the USA or was it only marketed in the foreign markets? Were there very few made? Was it a disaster as a speaker? Why so little info? If anyone has this speaker or has information on this speaker or information about the possible whereabouts of info on this speaker I would appreciate it.
Take a look at Jeff's Sound Values:
I'm pretty sure that he's carried the line for a while. I've bought a couple of things from him in the past and have been very happy. He's got a demo pair of 6e's in stock right now according to his website.
Good luck.

Brit rag What Hi Fi has them listed in their buyer guide along with a 5 star rating in a test noting they are "classy looking and excellent all-rounder - well worth a long serious listen" (tested in 2002). I have not read the review but I have found several hard to find reviews on the S6e (newer, totally redesigned model) which get quite high praise. Of course the popular model in the US is the S5e because of it's price and Stereophile review.
Here is a link to a PDF and quite favorable S6e review. If I find anything on the S6 I will post it.

Here's another PDF. Got a bunch of Spendor reviews from Aretch Electronics, the Canadian distributor

Thanks for looking around guys. Like me, I think all you are finding is info/reviews about the S6e not the S6. I dont think they are one and the same. Although I would still like to have some info on the S6, at this point I would just like to know why there is none, not even at the Spendor site.