Whats your opinion?

I am looking to upgrade my speakers. Have listen to quite A lot of different sounding speakers. Have narrowed it down to,the Revel Salons, Thiel CS7.2,Martin Logan Prodigys,listen to all types of music. Blues,Rock,Jazz,Classical,Popular,Ect. Have you heard something I have missed? Thanks Tbird
How did you narrow it down, what gear do you have, what do you want, what are your practical constraints?
I thought I loved Thiel until I heard Audio Physic Tempo's.
You've listed some good choices and you've also missed quite a few... If you answer Ohlala's question and let us know more about your associated equipment, your musical taste, the size of your room, budget, etc, we may be able to offer more help. To merely list all the great speakers available without qualification is more or less a meaningless exercise...

My own unqualified list would include (in no particular order): InnerSound Eros, VMPS RM40, Magnepans, VonSchweikert VR 4 Gen III SE, and possibly the new B&W Nautilus Signature models. Have you heard any of those?

I've not heard the VMPS RM40, the latest B&Ws, or the VR 4 Gen III SE, but I've read and heard some great things about them and they are on my short list to check out. If anyone local to central NJ owns any of these and would like to invite me for a listening session, that would be nice. :)
As we know, everything is so system and room dependent, along with personal taste. Some very good speakers not mentioned are the Silverline La Folias and Talon Khorus or Ravens with the new x-overs. Good luck.