Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO
David Bowie/Lets Dance, my favorite Bowie album and one of my favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn albums, going to see how deep I get into the 6 album Blues Anthology on Alligator Records tonight.
@reubent ,

Not live in person, just live on TV. The S/T lp is my only one by them, would like to check out more.

Hendrix-- Both Sides of the Sky
This album rocks, with a mix of hard grooves/blues and fully fleshed out songs, and Hendrix at top form.  Sound quality is excellent, quite "warm" on my system, yet dynamic.  On another note, three days ago I got what I thought was this Hendrix album, excitedly opened it and... it was some Judas Priest live album.  That was a major buzzkill!  Some at Amazon must have  grabbed from the "JU" shelf, not "JI"  All good now.

Porcupine Tree-- Lightbulb Sun.
I haven't met a Porcupine Tree album I didn't like.  This one starts out a bit mellow, then builds to proggy/hard goodness, albeit not the level of Fear of a Blank Planet.  As with everything Steven Wilson, the production is superb, being clean, balanced, with great instrument separation and non overdone highs...  Need to relisten tonight.

I have my copy of "BSOTS" in house in my pile of lps waiting for listening.

Been on a buying binge lately, got quite a few waiting.

An oldie but goodie...looking through my records and this one just stood out...

Dan Folgerberg & Tim Weisberg  "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". Although this was released in 1978, my copy is obviously a re-issue with a bar-code, it sounds very good. Nice warm analog sound. Good to hear again!
Santana "Havana Moon" Nice! Do not overlook this one. Keep your mind open.