Whats a good phono preamp for an Ortofon Synergy G MC cartridge

My budget is under 1500. Suggestions welcome.
My turntable is a Merill Scillia MS2
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I love Ortofon SPU cartrudges but I can only advise you what works best for me.  I use an MM phono stage (currently the Pear Audio Classic Phono, a souped up Croft) and an SUT (Step-Up Transformer).

I find the MM phono stage + SUT sounds better to me than a high-gain phonos stage or head amp.  Others will disagree.  If you go SUT, make sure that you use one that matches your cartridge.  I'm currently using the Ortofon ST-80 SE and it's very good.  But there are several others that are also great.

Finally, I doubt that you will find a new phono stage or MM phono + SUT for under $1,500 that will do justice with the Synergy G cartridge; at least IMO.