whats a good older hdcd cd player?

i had a chance to listen back in the mid 90s a system that blew my mind. didnt have the money for it but remember the cd player was a nad player and the speakers were psb stratus golds. i now own stratus silver i speakers and a old school pioneer elite 39tx pre amp. the cd player now is a old elite dv37 which is dvd also. i would like my own cd player but dont wanna spend a ton since my equip is pretty low fi stuff. do non hdcd players equal out at all to a non hdcd. i would like a nad c541 but cant find one. thanks for any info. newbie kevin
For digital source almost anything sounds the same on Benchmark as long as it is "bit transparant" - even Benchmark says so. Video is nice benefit - I use Sony DVD player with DAC1.
You could also consider a DAC with HDCD. I have an Assemblage 2.0 that I love--it's ancient (relatively speaking) but works fantastic, is built like a brick and you can mate it up with any player that outputs digital on toslink or SP/DIF on RCA and BNC. They occasionally come up for sale on the 'gon.
I am very happy with the Adcom GCD-750 I bought here on Audiogon.
Short answer for me is the Resolution Audio CD-50. Excellent redbook cdp and absolutely superb HDCD player.
The long answer; I got hooked on HDCD sound a few years ago when I had a high end Sony cdp paired with an Adcom GDA 700 dac. The Sony and Adcom were very similar with standard cds but when I put in Joni Mitchell's HDCD encoded "Blue," the Adcom was much better.
Since then I have owned several cdps and two dacs with HDCD. I'll list them in ascending order to the top rated (by me) CD-50.
1. OPPO DV-980H.
2. Original CD-A8, I believe this was a clone of the MMF CD-25.
3. Onix cd-88, another clone of the Music Hall CD-25.
4. Adcom GDA-700 dac.
5. NAD C-541i, this is an outstanding cdp for the money, IMO, especially if you like smooth sound.
6. Linn Genki, a very nice cdp for the used price.
7. PS Audio Ultra Link III, never should have sold it.
8. Resolution Audio CD-50, it uses older 20 bit technology but I'm convinced the wonderful sonic character comes from the analog stages. Even better when if you system supports balanced operation.
I know the CD-25 gets high praise here and by many reviewers. I prefer a smoother sound overall which is why the CD-25 didn't work for me.
Wow, this may be the longest answer I've posted. Good luck.
i hate to show my stupidity when it come to electronics but whats a dac? im really new to hi fi stuff. right now im having a issue with the pioneer dvd player. it pops and crackles when i have a dvd in it. sound fine when playing regular cds. thanx for the info your time posting is much appreciated. any ideas on whats up with the dvd player/quick fix till i get a new one. kevin